Wednesday, October 02, 2013

What Else Did We Do?

We spent a couple of hours in my closet, me trying on every piece of clothing I own, while Sarah critiqued each piece, then we played with a style app on her ipad, and figured out what I needed to round out my somewhat skimpy wardrobe.
We also spent an entire day at the Biltmore, walking the grounds, sharing a sandwich and of course, sampling the wine.




Being the good sport that she is, Sarah indulged my photo request of a finger up the lions nose.



Oliver was so happy to have John here.



Their visit passed by much too quickly, with Sarah flying home late Monday afternoon. John had left early Monday morning on his bike and got home just a couple of hours before Sarah. Now I'm scheming on how to get them back up here for our traditional New Years Eve party.

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LindaSue said...

Like the lion and booger finger picture - but then I'm classy that way. I'm sure it felt like time went into warp speed while they were there - two wonderful friends/family - so Sarah wasn't interested in 17 more hours of butt killing biking? hehehe - thanks for sharing your time with them - good to see the smile on your face!