Thursday, October 17, 2013

Red, Gold, and Green.

These photos are for my Florida friends. Autumn is in full force here and it is gorgeous!




We were at the Biltmore yesterday and they are preparing for Christmas already! The giant planters out front had evergreens in them and the gift shops were void of any fall or Thanksgiving displays, being full of Christmas decor instead. Thankfully, the gardens still loked seasonal.



I should just tell you we go to the Biltmore alot...several times a week. We love walking the grounds, having coffee, and visiting the farm and winery. This is so much more to our liking than theme parks.


Oliver, on an Oliver brand tractor.

I saw this woman walking around the Biltmore and was finally able to sneak a photo of her. She kept her bottle of water down her shirt, between her breasts. To say this is a fashion don't is an understatement.


...And now, because I know you've been on pins and nails waiting for it, a picture of our, "new," 1998, sofa. I'm anxious to have it slipcovered in white. The fabric on it isn't horrible, but it's not me at all. It is however a really good quality, soft fabric, and the slipcover alone weighs at least 50 pounds.



Elizabeth said...

Oh my that picture of the house!!! So pretty.

The couch looks super cozy, and is such a classic look, that is should slip cover nicely. Makes me kind of annoyed to see Christmas stuff a little bit, because I love Thanksgiving, but I sure can't wait to see some of your photos of the Biltmore dressed up for Christmas :)

Mrs. Cheerio said...

Now I have Boy George stuck in my head. :)

Vickie said...

Love the house!