Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Only Sarah Can Make a Motorcycle Helmet Look This Good.

Sarah and John rode up from Florida on his motorcycle Friday. 17 hours on a bike, and this is how Sarah looks.


She posted, (hilarious,) FB updates at every stop, and I just have to share this one.

So far in my journey I have learned this. On a long motorcycle ride, bottoms experience something akin to the five stages of grief. First comes denial: "The isn't so bad really. After a little while the numbness takes over..." Second is anger: "You have got to be kidding me!! I swear you will pay for getting me into this!" Then there is the bargaining (which my derriere is particularly good at): "I promise you I will try so much harder to get toned and firm from now on if you just get me out of this!" This is followed by depression: "I will be in pain forever. This is my new reality and it will never ever end." Lastly, we reach acceptance: "the discomfort is only a piece of a very lovely whole. There is adventure to be had and beauty all around and life to be lived." As with the stages of grief, if you give it enough time, the whole thing cycles back over and over again. As for my rear end... We are back in the anger phase... Again! She is thinking of new and hateful ways to torture me, starting with getting this song stuck in my head "I like big butts and I cannot lie..." Did I mention that we are 260 miles into the journey with 200-300 to go?


We spent their first afternoon here walking around downtown Asheville, stopping to eat at Wicked Weed,( and compared to other Asheville restaurants, was really disappointing, thought he beer was pretty good.) In the evening after dinner we went back out to experience some Asheville night life and have pretzels and drink beer at the LAB. We sat on the patio, at a counter that faces the side walk, allowing us to see all the action around us, and of course Asheville never disappoints when it comes to people watching. The most interesting of which was a fellow who sped past us in a blur, looking like a yeti. Our waitress, new to Asheville, was standing on the sidewalk at the time and was quite stunned, exclaiming, "What the F*** was that?" Give her a few more weeks and she''l hardly notice such things.
When the guy ran past once again, we whistled and shouted at him and he came back so we could take his picture. All that fringe makes him look twice as big when he runs.


After beer and pretzels, we strolled lumbered to the French Broad Chocolate Lounge for coffee and sweets. So. Good.


By the time we were finished there it was close to midnight and we drove home; me personally dreading how I was going to feel in the morning. After a day in our town Sarah was surprised I didn't Facebook all the interesting and weird things one can see in Asheville. I think I've gotten used to it :)


LindaSue said...
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LindaSue said...

great post! and oh my goodness - does Sarah just get more lovely as she ages? thanks for update - I've missed her writing so much (although previous topic was such a heartbreak) she has a talent for writing but then she seems able to do so many things well :::sigh:::: you can tell I'm a fan of hers.
Ladybug - she is right - you do have an interesting assortment in Asheville!