Friday, October 04, 2013


Megan Oliver and I left the house around 8 this morning, arriving in Danville around 12:30. After a bite of lunch and a quick trip to Goodwill, (seriously, Danville has the best Goodwill ever,) we drove over to the fire house to see my brother Ken. Unfortunately for my brother, I still call him Kenny Boy, just as I did when he was born, and Oliver calls him Uncle Kenny Boy.


Nothing like an extreme close up to really show your age and need for new make up.

One of the benefits of my brother being Fire Marshall; sitting in the truck.



It was a beautiful evening to sit outside with my mom.



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LindaSue said...

oh snap! wish I had someone to let me sit in the fire truck - that looks like great fun.
I bought a super magnifying mirror and like extreme closeup pictures - it is a tad too real for my ego!
Love this sharing - and that sky -- just a glorious statement of God's in His heaven.