Thursday, October 03, 2013

Because I Love You..

I will share a couple of Pintrest fallacies with you.
First, and I had seen this other places and really wanted it to work; baking soda does not make a good shampoo. I tried it in FL and it ruined my hair, so I switched to regular shampoo and got healthy hair. We moved to NC and I tried doing baking soda again for a month. I'm now living with the consequences and trying to grow back healthy hair.
Second, If you put a wooden spoon across a boiling pan of pasta, it will still boil over and and all you get for your effort is an extra dirty spoon.
Third, mixing hydrogen peroxide and Mountain dew will not make a glowing lantern. Check Snopes before trying such things.

I'm pretty excited that Megan, Oliver and I are going to Danville, KY tomorrow to see my mom and to attend the Perryville Battlefield reenactment on Saturday. Also on our to do list; go to Goodwiill and hit up the farmers market and try to score some razzleberry jam!



Vickie said...

Sounds like you've been having a wonderful time lately. Glad to see how God's been blessing you and the rest of your family!

Mrs. Cheerio said...

I'm glad you shared about the "no poo" thing. I've been tempted on more than one occasion to try it for a few weeks, but have been too afraid. I am curious, though- did you follow the baking soda wash with apple cider vinegar to restore balance? That's still a bummer.

Elizabeth said...

I could never give up my shampoo, hahahah. I wash my hair everyday, even though most say you should not. I just never feel fresh if my hair isn't washed for the day :) What did the baking soda do?

Hope you have a good time visiting your family.