Monday, October 21, 2013

Bears, Beets, But No Battlestar Gallactica.

Bears are wandering through the neighborhood, foraging for food before winter sets in. We saw two cubs yesterday while we were out searching for houses to rent.



Beets, (and carrots.) Gorgeous and colorful from the farmers market.



A pumpkin carver!


He carved a pumpkin for the people I buy my eggs, (the best I've ever tasted,) from.


Oliver is practicing for his future Instagram account. He saw someones basket of produce on the ground and asked for Megans phone so he could take a picture of it.


Brewier has been filming a movie all weekend, so Megan and I went out Saturday afternoon to The Screen Door, my new favorite shop in Asheville. If you get Country Living magazine, the owner of the store is featured in Novembers issue; I love her style. The store has an awesome bookstore with comfy sofas and a couple of snuggly cats. (This is Sparky.) I really miss having a cat around the house. However I don't miss the itchy eyes and stuffy nose.



1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

I did see that shop featured in the Nov. Country Living, and though of you. :)

That would be quite a site to see those bears roaming around!!

Best of luck with your continued search for your next place. Any contenders yet?