Wednesday, October 23, 2013

As Renee Would Say, "Brrr Doggies!"

It's a North Carolina expression for just how cold it is outside. We have freeze warnings tonight, and as I type this the wind is howling through the trees, blowing many of the beautiful leaves to the ground. Do I miss Floridas balmy weather, that my mom called and told me about this evening? No, not in the least; I'm reveling in the change of seasons.
Last night we met up with some of the actress's and the Producer/director/writer, of the film Brewier has been working on. Oliver developed a bit of a crush on Jenny, and Megans camera is now full of photos of her.



Brewier was contacted by the people who made, "Dolphin Tale," and was told the are filming a sequel with the original cast, and would like him to reprise his boardroom member role, so he will be going back to FL sometime to do that.
Tonight we bought a new/used car. A minivan to be exact. I never thought I'd be driving one of those, but I'm excited about being able to haul treasure home from the thrift stores and auctions!


Marci said...

It's good to hear you're happy. I love the change of seasons and I would miss them if I didn't have them. My sister always says she misses deciduous trees and the fall season living in the high desert. We had snow on the ground this morning. Surprise!

Vickie said...

I miss the change of seasons - but we are supposed to get a little cooler this week. Looking forward to that!
I get to take a trip to Oklahoma in 2 weeks to see Jason graduate from boot camp with Jesse.
I like our SUV so I know you will enjoy the mini van. Having space for treasures is great!
I didn't know Brewier was in Dolphin Tale. I'll have to watch it.

Elizabeth said...

Oliver looks so cute in that jacket and hat :) What fun for Brewier to be doing the sequel soon also.