Monday, October 28, 2013

"Are You Another Mae Mae?"

I have a long haired, brown wig that I have never been brave enough to wear in public, it freaks my family out to see me in it. This weekend while Jessica, Ray and the kids were here, I put the wig on and walked into the kitchen. Unfortunately Megan was the only other adult to witness the hilartiy that followed. Kate saw me and with a startled face, thinking a stranger was in the house, asked, "Who are you?" I just smiled and asked who she thought I was. She and Addison just kept staring and asked if I was another Mae Mae. I told them I was Mae Maes twin sister, totally freaking them out to the point Megan and I were doubled over with laughter. Maybe you had to be there. I finally pulled the wig off my head, which kind of scared them, and it took a couple of seconds for them to realize it was really me.
After that, everyone took turns trying the wig on.



Megan. I love how bangs look on her.


No wig...but I really like this picture of Jessica.


Ray and Jessica


Everyone taking phone photos at the Biltmore.



Jessica and Jackson


The only picture of Clay that I have. He's a bit camera shy.


The two days they were here passed so quickly! I'm trying to convince them to come up for Christmas.

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