Tuesday, September 24, 2013

You've Got To Be Kidding Me.

We live on a pretty busy street, with the entrance to the Grove Park Inns' country club being across from our house, and joggers, and cyclists going by every few minutes. It isn't unusual to hear brakes squealing and horns honking on a daily basis, but when we saw traffic coming to a stop and people getting out of their cars and running, I was a bit concerned. Megan, Oliver and I went outside,thinking maybe we'd need to call 911 or something. Thats when we saw it. A car had hit a squirrel and the poor creature was lying in the street badly injured. Some hippie dude went and got a stick and poked it to the side of the road and told Megan to call animal control or something. Brewier wanted to put it out of its misery but was afraid someone would report him for animal cruelty. I was just wishing they had left it in the road and let another car hit it and do the deed. It always amazes me how much more concern and compassion people have for animals, than they do people.
On a random note, I was scrolling through my blog and noticed I own a lot of striped clothing; they are the only print I wear, and every other article of clothing in the stores here is striped. I'm still trying, unsuccessfully, to put together a winter wardrobe. I know what I want but am unable to find it. Asheville is a pretty small town, with limited shopping; Jessica, too, pronounced it dismal. I even went into Chicos; clothing for ladies of a certain age, and nothing there fit me right.
We are having the most beautiful weather here. The light has changed and the air smells like autumn. Whats funny is while living in FL I could hardly wait to bring out my fall decor, but now that I actually live in an area with fall happening right outside my door I don't really feel the need to decorate. But I am.


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