Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What a Weekend!

Friday Megan Oliver and I went to the state fair. We looked at animals and walked the midway trying to convince Oliver how fun it would be to go on a ride. He chose the motorcycles which I knew in advance, would not go well, and sure enough he started crying before the ride made its first rotation. After that he he wasn't about to get on anything alone, so we all rode the alpine ride across the fair grounds. Eventually he did go on a couple of rides, but his favorite thing was the slide that cost $4 a person to slide down, and Megan had to slide, and pay, with him. He chose to do that amusement three times. While they slid, I rode the ferris wheel; I like being up high.








Oliver LOVED the bull. The bull did not feel the same about Oliver and kept turning away and hiding his face.


Saturday morning we went to the farmers market to buy our usual two dozen eggs and veggies. The flowers were so beautiful this week that both megan and I came home with bouquets and Oliver got a gluten free cookie the size of his head.

Brewier was filming a movie all day so we headed to William Sonoma, but ended up going to the Biltmore for a couple of hours first.






Sunday Megan participated in the Big Love Fest.
No it wasn't a festival for sister wives, but had artists, live music and lots of beer. The photos for that are still on my phone, (because I don't even carry a camera anymore,) so you will be spared until tomorrow.


Elizabeth said...

Oliver looks like a cool cat on the motorcycle ride, too bad he was terrified.
After I told you that long story about WS, I went over there on Sunday and bought some pumpkin bundt cake mix ;)

Cindi said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely day. You live in such a beautiful spot with so much variety in places to visit. That picture of Megan dressed in fall colours and holding her flowers is so lovely and Oliver is so dang cute.
God bless.