Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Time To Play!

I really hate not blogging on a daily basis because when I miss several days in a row, like this past weekend, my blog becomes about photos and just the facts. I really need to write more than that since I'm counting on this blog to help me remember things as I get older, (Both Jessica and Megan can attest to the fact that my memory may not be quite as sharp as it once was.)
Sunday was Asheville's Big Love Fest, celebrating art and music. Megan and brewier spent the entire day there while Oliver and I bounced between the festival and home.

Setting up the tent and displays. We've never had to deal setting the tent up on a slope before. Florida is very flat.


Finished! The magnet board outside the tent was a great idea, and drew people in.


Brewier and Oliver explored the festival and played on the steps. He was totally comfortable wandering among the people but sometimes the music got a little too loud and Oliver would cover his ears and run away. I totally understand.


Today was Brewiers last day of work at the nursing home. It looks like his next stint as an administrator will be in Georgia, about 200 miles away. No, we aren't moving, since this is an interim position. To celebrate his freedom, we all went to the Biltmore. It is gloriously off season here so the place was practically empty, (as is downtown and all the restaurants.)


Feeding the koi potato chips. The fish ponds are still Olivers favorite place to go.


Seriously empty.


All the gardens are getting replanted with mums. Oh to have a gardener of my own.


We are a fancy this photo anyway :)



Vickie said...

You all look very nice!

LindaSue said...

and that slightly rakish retro look is appealing - I agree with Oliver - sometimes music IS too loud and it isn't because I'm too old!