Monday, September 09, 2013

The Mother Load.

The bad thing about taking a blogging break while we have visitors, is the tremendous amount of photos I have to put up on the blog, and trying condense everything we did into a paragraph or two. I just downloaded my photos and realize I didn't take as many as I thought, hoping that Megan was catching all the action.
Jessica, Ray and the kids arrived at 3:15am Wednesday, (August 28th,) morning. They made the drive from Tampa, stopping just once for gas, because miraculously all the kids slept for the entire trip, even one month old Jackson! Due to my advanced age I'm unable to recall what we did on a day by day basis, but the week did include two trips to the Biltmore; I never tire of going there, Jessica and I walking around downtown and trying out a couple of different top rated coffee houses, (she agrees with me, that Asheville's coffee is not to our taste.) along with some decadent treats from the French Broad Chocolate Lounge.

Addison and Kate. Yes, I made them stare into the sun.



I also made Megan and Jessica stick their fingers up the lions nose.


Early one morning the kids went outside and for 15 minutes, watched this worm traverse the sidewalk.


Jessica at the Apple Festival. We had just arrived at the JCrew outlet when she saw on FB that Renee was just 20 minutes away at Jongo Java in Hendersonville. We ditched the shopping trip and met up with our dear friend.



We had tea parties and swim parties.



And I took Jessica to L.A.B. for pretzels and a flight. We were able to have an entire day and a half together because Ray took Addison, Kate and Clay, camping; he's a great dad, always doing fun stuff with them.


Brett, Meghan and the kids got here Labor Day morning. Megan made us all breakfast. She's handy like that.


Brett was pretty tired from the drive. He's and RN at a hospital and had worked all weekend.


We celebrated Audreys 4th birthday...yes, she was photo bombed by Duncan. Brothers are like that.

Audrey is 4

I gave the kids glow sticks one night and they held them by their bottoms and ran around the yard pretending to be fireflies.


I love my silly grandchildren <3 (The two youngest were inside.) crazy kids


Marci said...

Awww what a weekend of memories. I had fun reading about it. The firefly butts and Lion with fingers up his nose were my favorite!

Elizabeth said...

Such great photos! Looks like a great time with the family.