Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Coolest Car in Asheville.

I've seen this car around Asheville, but usually I'm driving and can't get a picture. Today it was parked at Whole Foods at the same time I was there. The car is covered in beads, and I'm guessing from the license plate that the owner has a bead shop.
Because it's Wednesday I will throw this random fact out to you. Asheville has a city ordinance that allows both men and women to be out and about topless. You've been warned.

bead car

bead car

bead car


Elizabeth said...

Cool car! There are a couple of really unique cars like this in Berkeley. I captured one of them once in a photo, but I have yet to get the other one.

LindaSue said...

Tricia - you planning to take advantage of city code and "free the girls?" :::grin::: - very neat car - would be costly insurance issue (yes can you tell I've had to deal with just touching up paint scratches - can't imagine the beadwork costs)