Wednesday, September 11, 2013

But I Was So Witty This Morning!

Really I was. Funny, well composed blog posts were flying through my brain. Did I write any of it down? No. I was too occupied eating my second slice of apple pie for breakfast and wondering if I wore all black would I look 10 pounds thinner.
I've spent a couple of hours this afternoon watching HGTV's House Hunters. I love houses and previously when viewing this show I'd think, "Wow! Look at all these great homes!" Today I've watched and thought, "Wow! The house I'm living in is nicer than anything I've seen on this show!" I really need to do a house tour on the blog before we move.

Megan got a new cookbook from Amazon today. Doesn't its cover just scream FALL! And can you believe all the leaves on my lawn?

Soup of the Day

Fall leaves

Bella, over at The Citizen Rosebud is hosting a Shoe Shine post, where you link to your favorite pair of shoes. These are mine. Red leather, stacked heel, ever so comfortable, and just a bit different from what you usually see. <3 Fidji shoes

If you aren't my friend on Facebook, you missed my link to Janes blog and the amazing photos her son has taken while on his world adventure. He's had some mishaps the past few days and wrote about them on his FB page. Jane shared a portion of his writing and all I can say is Holy Moly this young man has talent. I would not normally read about airport trials and tribulations, but Clint wrote about it in such a way that I wanted to hear even more. You can read it, and see his photos,HERE.

Seriously. Go.


Cindi said...

Tricia, I love your shoes.
Thanks for linking to Jane's blog. A great read. Just think soon you will have thousands of leaves...that will need raking. :-) God bless!

Thrifted Shift said...

Your shoes are beautiful! They remind me of a beautiful pair I used to own but sold because they were painful. You're inspiring me to replace them with something better! What brand are yours?