Thursday, September 19, 2013

An Evening Stroll

Stroll may be a a bit of a stretch, since Brewier and I walked halfway up the mountain, leaving both of us a bit winded.
We started out taking our usual walk through the neighborhood, but decided to head up to The Grove Park Inn, since it is just across the street from us. And halfway up the mountain.

The back of the inn. Yep, we walked up all those stairs too.


The spa. Its underground and has pyramid skylights.



The view of downtown Asheville, taken from the patio of the Grove Park. We were able to see our house too, but because the sun was setting I wasn't able to get a picture of it.


The inns lobby was just remodeled, taking back to its arts and crafts heritage. I think the carpets in the halls, which look like needle point, were a perfect choice.


The lobby sports two of these massive fireplaces, one on each end. I like that I can see the smoke curling up from them from my bedroom window.


It's so much fun living in an area with so much history!


Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful Inn! LOVE that carpet. The Arts and Crafts era is really prominent in Berkeley and I love looking at all the homes in that architecture. Nice walk.

Elizabeth said...
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Meghan Welch said...

O man I love that fireplace!

LindaSue said...

OK adding to my list of "what to do when I win the Lottery" - go to Asheville and stay here - that is stunning - and you are so right - the carpet is marvelous - so nice to see a restoration/renovation done well isn't it?

Vickie said...

I would love a place like that to "go for a walk". You are blessed!