Tuesday, August 13, 2013

This is what Asheville looks like just about every day. If Mark and Darlene weren't coming to visit this weekend, I'd be heading to the sunshine state. For real.


This is Megans friend Melissa, and her beautiful hair. When I was young, I used to dream about having hair this long.


I had this twice over the weekend. It could be part of the reason I've gained 10 pounds.


Did you know Home Depot sells a two story, "Shed?"


My beautiful bouquet from the farmers market. I love the fall colors. I'm getting pretty excited about autumn, and have noticed some of our trees are already dropping their leaves. Of course I don't know if its due to the change in seasons or the tremendous amount of rain we are gettting.



Elizabeth said...

Sorry to hear about your sunless summer :( Our heat is starting to get cranked up as of today! I'm heading into SF to visit Caitlin, to escape the heat tomorrow :)

That shed is adorable! It could make a super cute play house!

LindaSue said...

Love the bouquet - gladiolas are underused in most floral arrangements (IMHO) I understand missing the sunlight - lived in Northern California for several years and it can get to you - been an adjustment to be in new place but by this time next year - it'll feel like home (I hope)

Monica Ritchie said...

that shed is the size of my house!!