Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Random Fact Wednesday.

I bake when I'm sad. You I can pig out and feel even worse. Today I made a blackberry cobbler and oatmeal cookies. Yes. It's bad. If I don't find a friend here in Asheville soon, I may end up in a diabetic coma.

Have you watch this video on loneliness? It makes some pretty good points, though without social media, I'd be a mess.

The Innovation of Loneliness from Shimi Cohen on Vimeo.

Our friends Mark and Darlene are driving up from Orlando to spend the weekend with us. I am so excited to see them!


Thuan Nguyen said...

Here is another perspective to being alone:

Someone once-special to me said that alone is a contraction of the word "all one" I interpret this to mean that being alone is being okay and whole as you are, where you are, what you are, and so on. So being happy and finding happiness from within and not from someone else is the start of truly being a force of love and nature. It is then that you are able to share love with others, and others gravitate to your love.

Hopefully these thoughts provide some comfort.

Vickie said...

You may be lonely but you are never alone. Call me sometime. Yes, I know we both suck at talking on the phone. So you could text.