Monday, August 26, 2013

Our Heads were in the Clouds.

We had the most beautiful weather this weekend! Sunny skies, slightly breezy, and no rain! Saturday afternoon Megan, Oliver and I walked around downtown and not surprisingly ended up at L.A.B. for their delicious pretzels and beer.
Look! Sunshuine!



High atop the S&W building was someone painting. I love its art deco architecture.


I spied this pillow in a shop window. Yes, its made of neckties! Anyone have donations for me so I can craft a pillow?



Brewier pressure washed our front walk; all this rain had turned it dark a slimy. Gross.


I made kombucha, (thanks for the scoby, Darlene!) Yes, I know it looks like a placenta.


Sunday Brewier and I went to Mt Mitchell. Unlike my brother Greg, who hiked up the mountain, we drove our car to the parking lot at the top then asthmatically walked about 2/10 of a mile to the observation deck. This is Brewier leaning on the sign trying to catch his breath.


It is impossible to capture the beauty and vastness of the mountains.


We were up so high that clouds kept passing through obscuring our view.


I still can't believe I get to live in such a beautiful place.


Tracy said...

Beautiful photos of the mountains. You are lucky you get to live in such a beautiful state. Thanks for sharing!

Vickie said...

that's where Chuck wants me to scatter his ashes