Monday, August 12, 2013

Makeover Magic.

I love a good makeover. It doesn't matter what is being transformed, wardrobe, decor, trash to's my thing. Brewier found a drop leaf table and 4 chairs on Craigslist, and Friday afternoon we went to look at them. I've been wanting some smaller chairs to go around our kitchen table, and these were just perfect, other than their beige and red rooster print fabric. We had no sooner unloaded them from the car, when Brewier, with the help of Oliver, started removing the layers of old, stained fabric and batting.



Layer one.


Layer two.


Layer three.


After buying some foam and batting, (I already had the zebra patterned fabric,) and an hours work, I had three new chairs that I absolutely love.

Putting new fabric on chairs is one of those things I enjoy and get great pleasure from.


This is the other chair, which is a different style, and the drop leaf table. The seller didn't have the leaves for it, but when opened, it's 7 feet long.  I'm not in love with the table, but it does provide  a place to seat people, and at $100 for the table and all four chairs, I'm pretty happy.



Elizabeth said...

Pretty snazzy!!! Caitlin and I went to a vintage shop this past Sunday, and I saw a similar table but they painted and did some cool stenciling on the top. Although the one you have pictured seems to be in pretty good shape, so it would be hard to paint over it.

I love to cover chairs too! I've done done our dinning chairs at least three times since we inherited them from David's grandfather.

Elizabeth said...
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Anyone Out There said...

what kind of wood is that drop leaf table?

Vickie said...

Can't believe the difference fabric makes, very chic.