Thursday, August 08, 2013

Grey Skies.

I wake up every morning to fog blanketing the landscape; some days it lasts until noon and it's the rare occasion when the sun shines.  I've missed it enough that over the weekend while at my moms, I sat out in the sun for 45 minutes. My family was in shock, seeing as how I'm an avid shade seeker, but the rays felt so good on my skin.
These dreary days match my mood of late, and make me want to bake. I'm trying to resist the urge since all my clothes are too tight. I'm hoping when the weather cools and the humidity drops, that I'll once again be able to walk around town and lose some weight. For now though, I'm holed up in my house.

Random fact, (and poor picture,) I've loved and collected hearts since I was young. Here is a sampling of some that I want to make into a bracelet.


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Elizabeth said...

What a great collection! I have a friend who collects heart shaped rocks that she happens to come upon.

Humidity and heat combined would make me so grouchy :( We are being spoiled right now with really nice weather, but I'm afraid it will soon pass into some more heat next week!