Friday, July 05, 2013

So. Lazy.

My blog friend Monica, (and I always preface her name with the phrase, "blog friend," so people realize you can make real friends through blogs,) and her two sons, Dominic, 7 and Miles, 18 months, were here for a nearly week long visit, and I'm using that as an excuse for not blogging. Monica however knows the truth; that instead of doing a quick update in the evening, I watched Fringe. Yes, I put on my headphones and watched Netflix while my friend sat on the other side of the sofa reading, and this was okay because we are both introverts.


Miles and Oliver.


Dominic, whom Oliver adores and followed around the house like a puppy, playing on the ipads together...but separate, like Monica and myself.


Miles has silky long curls and big brown eyes, so I tried to put him in a dress to surprise his mom. The kid knows he's a boy and would have nothing to do with it. Monica tried dressing him later, and while he smiled for the camera, this is as far as the dress went on him.


Monica had a birthday while she was here, and yes, she is sporting a black eye...softball injury.



What I learned from her visit is that I need to brush up on my hostess skills, like planing meals and activities...I've become a bit rusty, and I'm hoping to have lots of visitors while we are living in this amazing house.

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Elizabeth said...

How fun! Yes I believe you can meet wonderful people on blogs. I met a blogger from France while she was visiting San Francisco a few years back, and when we sat down to talk, it was as if I had known her forever!

I have that very same Starbucks mug!!! It is my favorite one to drink out of, even though I'm a "Peet's" coffee gal. If you love coffee, I would love to send you some Peet's sometime.