Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Random Bits

I always get such great ideas for blog posts when I'm engaged in other activities, and even start composing the post in my head, but by the time I sit down at my computer, they have faded like a dream. Because of this, you get a bunch of randomness.
Whole Foods had fresh organic figs on sale.


Which I stuffed with goat cheese and topped with bacon. The weather was nice enough for us to eat outside.


Gardening. I don't know how to, but this is What I'd Like to Have.
I think raised beds are the way to go.
This is what I have. I had such high hopes for this little plot, but all I'm growing is weeds.


Every morning I wake up to clear skies, but by 7am this is what it looks like outside. You wouldn't even know there was a mountain there.


This is how the boy rolls these days. He loves his dragon outfit.



Elizabeth said...

Your meal looks wonderful! I use to have a fig tree, and didn't appreciate it as much as I should have. Now I'm obsessed with figs on top of riccota toast, drizzled with honey :)
I too always have such wonderful ideas to plant flowers outside or a raised box with herbs, and it never materializes. We have gardeners that come and mow and tidy our yard, otherwise it would be a tragic mess I'm afraid.

I have also composed really cool blog post while lying in bed, and boy the words are so amazing, then I forget the whole thing too!!! What is the matter with us!!! ahahahahahah

LindaSue said...

I planted two varieties of fig in backyard -hoping for great results next summer! Love the Oliver the Dragon - he does have a high quotient of "cool" in his outfit choices!
My recently created big flower bed was supposed to be a wildflower meadow - mecca for butterflies and hummingbirds - right now - it is a mecca for wild grasses which choke out the wonderful assortment of tiny flowers I can see on the rare occasions I'm out there trying to beat back the unwanted plants! The heart of a gardener is always "next time" - and I keep trying