Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Not Yet.

I thought for sure Jessica was in labor today. She didn't answer her phone, hadn't been online or on Netflix. I was kind of disappointed to find out she had the kids at a play date. When Renee and her girls were here, we came up with what we thought is a good name for the baby.


The small print says, "He's (Brewier,) due. Clay was totally named after Rays dad.

I bought the wood a year ago, and today finished this tent for Oliver. He's not remotely interested in playing in it.


In my pursuit of paring down what clothing I own, I bought a new pair of shoes. I plan on getting rid of all my heels, ( these are only 2 inches,) because they are not doable here in mountainous Asheville. The brand is Fidji, and they fit me better than any other shoe I've owned, other than my Birkenstocks. Next on my list, a flat closed toe shoe or clog.



Elizabeth said...

Like the name! Hope she goes with it. I also love the shoes!

LindaSue said...

the name game - yes Brewier is due.
I am hooked on Merrell shoes for comfort lately - google'em and see what you like. I go to DSW to try on for size (I realize that wouldn't be good for you - even I notice the chemically odors in that store) Your new ones have a real flair - I like the open sides - like little portholes for you footsies!