Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'm Blaming Megan.

For my weight gain. She introduced me to these delectable treats. Normally I'm not much of a candy fan and have no trouble having it in the house. Not these.


She gets them at Whole Foods and they call to me.  I have no self control what so ever which is why I rarely buy or make things that I like.  If I open a bottle of wine, I know I will be having a glass every night until its gone, unless its Prossecco, then I have two glasses a night, because we all know bubbles don't keep; and you know how I am with pie, cake and cookies. Hopeless.
So yes, all Megans fault.

Yesterday I was in a funk, (still am though not as bad,) so we took a trip to The Pink House. They buy things at auction and paint or repurpose them to sell...and they have great prices. I was there Saturday and nearly 50% of their inventory had been sold since then.

Oliver likes playing in the Scrabble letters while Meg looks at old postcards.


Oliver and the owner, Sherry. He had so much fun he kept asking to go back there today.


The whole house is full of treasure. The pink kitchen.


The exterior is painted pink as well, but I forgot to take a picture of it, but I do have a picture of Oliver with a stick sword, slaying invisible dragons.


I found this pretty handkerchief. How could I resist the color or the morning glory print?


And who knows, maybe when Oliver wakes up from his nap we'll go back.


LindaSue said...

invisible dragons are my favorite kind. Those caramels (I have on good authority) are about to be banned by the AntiBigButt League (but not before I have just a feeewwwww more!) somehow sea salt and chocolate and caramel just rock my world.

Elizabeth said...

Yes, there is something about caramel, salt and chocolate isn't there?! :) I'm kinda blue myself today, as I helped Caitlin move to her new apartment yesterday, and today I'm left with a deconstructed room and no sweet Caitlin :(

Mrs. Cheerio said...

If those caramels are giving you a hard time, you can always send them my way! :)