Saturday, July 06, 2013

Fourth of July Festivities.

It rained all day. Rained as in a river flowed through our basement and roads were flooded. Even the Biltmore had to re-route visitors to an alternate entrance due to flooding. We spent most of the day indoors, me watching Fringe with my legs elevated with ice packs on them since I started the morning off with a fall down the stairs. I've been so careful on the stairs since we've moved here always mindful of my footing...until the 4th when I decided to run down the stairs, finishing my decent of the last seven steps on my knees and shins. Fortunately my Dr. was online and gave me advice on treatment, and as always, homeopathy served me well. I have almost no bruising or pain.
Because of the inclement weather, I have only one photo from the day:


July 3rd, Brewier wore his patriotic duds to work.


Despite the rain, the city of Asheville set off their fireworks which I was able to view from our porch; then last night we went to our next door neighbors house for BBQ and to watch the Grove Park Inns' fireworks show from their front porch. I so love where we live!




Elizabeth said...

Sorry to hear your fourth was a bit soggy :(
Glad you didn't sustain too much injury in your tumble down the stairs! Like I said on my facebook comment, I did the same thing, except it was the whole flight on hardwood :( Still gives me shivers at the thought. That is why I looked for one level houses when we moved back!

BTW I think what Megan said about us being blog soul mates is true :)

LindaSue said...

Beautiful pictures and unfortunate synchronicity for us - I also took a fall on the morning of the 4th - trying to carry flags from storage closet to put up on front porch - ended up at urgent care - for all the shock of fall - only injury was sprained hand!
grateful neither of us were seriously injured -