Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I used to have that on my side bar, back in the olden days of blogging when you had to write all the html yourself. I still have that template on a hard drive somewhere. So today I am currently:

  • Drinking: La Croix lemon seltzer
  • Eating: Salt and vinegar chips
  • Listening: Pandora, Early Jazz station
  • Reading: Blue Like Jazz
  • Crafting: I have about 5 different projects going on right now.
  • Wondering: Why does everything have to be so smelly?
I saw these curtains online at World Market, and fell in love with them, which is strange because they are not beige and the have a print. With my 15% off coupon in hand I went to our local store and bought them. They aren't made in China, are 100% cotton, and online listed as being lined. Perfect!
Look how pretty the panel is in my bedroom.


Unfortunately it was not lined, and the smell sent me into an instant asthma attack. I tried airing it out in the sun, and even washed the little tie back and put it in the sun to see if that would get rid  of the odor. Nope, still stinky.  (Sad sigh.)  They will have to be returned, and I will continue to live with my boring beige Ikea panels. I miss,  "Made in the USA," products.


Elizabeth said...

I have thought of you recently while shopping at Whole Foods I have been accosted with perfumed people, where instantly the smell went to the back of my throat! Don't these people know how awful they smell?!!! The other day one of them was by the salad bar, and I could not get away quick enough.

That is too bad about the curtains :( I'm real tired of not seeing made in the USA either!

LindaSue said...

Have been disappointed lately with the products at World Market - some items great and others - just junky. I also prefer Made in USA - have noticed a LOT of made in Vietnam things showing up in stores here. Sorry about the failure to relieve Beigedom - I also tend to fall prey to excessively neutral - a real shame 'cause inside I'm just a big bright rainbow - LOL