Monday, July 08, 2013

A Visit From Uncle Greg

Or as Oliver calls him, "Go go Ray." At least that's what it sounds like to us. Greg was leading an adventure trip in western NC, but due to the massive amount of rain we've been having, he had to wrap it up early. The night before he arrived at our house, he'd been sleeping in his van on the side of the road and awoke to it floating away.


Since he arrived early Saturday morning, we were able to take him to the farmers market with us. Oliver was beyond thrilled to have his uncle staying with us. Greg wrestled, played blocks with and made cardboard forts for Oliver.



Greg had to leave this morning, but siad he's return in two weeks on his way to pick up his kayaks.
Today I played catch up with all my household work, doing laundry and ironing Brewiers shirts. I all so finally went online and ordered 26 yards of white cotton twill, to have slipcovers made for my blue sofa. I'll be so happy to have that eyesore covered.

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Elizabeth said...

I love how Oliver is looking at him with total adoration in that last photo!