Friday, July 26, 2013

A Day...or Two, In The Country

Brewier has been working long hours and weekends these past few months, but yesterday he was able to come home a couple of hours early. We decided to take a drive to Chimney Rock. On the way we pulled off the side of the road to enjoy sitting next to a stream and sun ourselves on the rocks.





Once we got to Chimney Rock we were told that the water falls were closed, and the elevater was broken, so admission was discounted to just $12 a person instead of $15. We decided to pass on the deal and headed back home.


Today was absolutely gorgeous, so Megan, Oliver and I drove out to Hickory Nut Gap Farm, to pick blackberries. We found 12. Apparently we were late to the party and all the ripe berries were gone, though the bushes are loaded with green berries so we will try again. Before leaving we stopped by to visit the horse, who was obviously having a bad day. We went and stood under the apple tree where he was, and he promptly walked about 15 feet away from us, then turned, gave us a disgusted look and snorted. Oliver started calling out to him offering him an apple, and the horse walked even farther away, turned his head toward us and snorted again. As soon as we started walking to the car he headed back to his spot under the apple tree.

On our way home we stopped by the Flying Cloud Farm self pay booth to see if they had any blackberries.  Nope. So as to not go home empty handed, we visited their cut your own flowers, garden.



Belle Chere started this afternoon. Its a big music and art festival downtown, and the last on to be held. I wondered why, since it is so popular. Then I found out that like most community festivals around here, its become a tourist attraction, and one that gets quite rowdy, Locals avoid it, and one bar downtown, tired of fights and drunken behavior has a sign up saying they will only serve locals. Yeah...I'm avoiding downtown this weekend.

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