Friday, July 12, 2013


My neighbor told me thats how much more rain than normal we've had this summer.  I planted basil in our little garden area and it hasn't grown at all. Its yellow and sad looking.  Personally, I'm blaming the rain on my cravings for cake and cookies that are leading to my  weight gain. Today Oliver and I were playing with his little stuffed soccer ball, and when he threw it one to many times in the direction of the road, I took it and put in the house. He didn't see me do this and when I sat back down in the chair he came up to me and asked where the ball was. I told him I put it away and he again asked where it was. "I put it away." I said. He looked at me, then got a big smile on his face, poked my stomach and said,  "It hide there." Then he tried to pull my shirt up and retrieve his ball, not believing me when I told him it was my tummy. I told Megan about this and she said, "Well mom, you have been eating a lot of cake." Like I said, it must be the rain.


I tried walking yesterday. I lasted less than 10 minutes before being over come with exhaust fumes, leading me to breathlessly call Megan and ask her to come pick Oliver and I up. So much for exercising.

Oliver shares my loathing of hanging or pulled threads and decided to use his safety scissors to trim the gazillion offenders hanging off our nearly 30 year old sofa. He doesn't understand that they are the only thing holding this piece of furniture together.


Today is the Grove Park Inn's 100th anniversary. There have been all kinds of festivities today, culminating in a firework extravaganza tonight at 9:30.  I hope it doesn't rain.


LindaSue said...

oh my - that IS a funny story and especially since in honesty I'm "hiding" about the equivalent of a basketball under my shirt! Just started back on exercise bike (can't exercise outside because it is too hot and I'm too much of a wimp!)
I join you in the excessive love of cakes and cookies - baked goods are my downfall! Cute picture of Oliver the loose thread trimmer - hang in there - you get too much rain and my basil is all going into bloom 'cause it is too hot and dry here - some times you win and some times you lose and some times we just get rained out (of the gardening game at least)

Vickie said...

I couldn't stop laughing and read it to Chuck. I know the feeling though. I've had too much cake and sweets lately it's birthday time here, me, dad, mom, chuck's mom, jesse. Too much cake!