Monday, July 15, 2013

26 Yards of White Twill

It was delivered this morning, ready to be turned into a slipcover for my sofa. Now I have to prewash I cut it in half, thirds, or try and leave it in one big piece? Then comes the BIG decision. Make the slipcover myself, or have it professionally done.
This weekend went by in a rainy blur. So much rain.  I think I Fringe binged Saturday, and have now started watching it from the beginning again with Brewier.
Sunday morning Renee and Eva arrived from Orlando, at my door for a visit, followed shortly by Sara, who has just moved to Charlotte, and then Olivia, who is working at a camp close to Asheville.  I told Renee now that her two oldest girls are living in NC, the rest of the family should move here too, especially since she and David are both from the Asheville area.

This was the first picture Megan took, and the berated us for having surprised eyebrows. Apparently its something both Renee and I do.  Does anyone else do this?


This is the second, squinty eyed picture.


Eva so misses her big sisters, and was teary eyed as she cuddled up to them on the sofa.


Around 2:30 our visit was over, as Olivia headed back to camp, and the other 3 Nix chicks headed to Charlotte to get Sara settled into her apartment.


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Elizabeth said...

Have you started to cut into your fabric yet? I don't even know where to begin with that much yardage :)