Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Road Trip

Today was our day to drive to Greenville S.C. to shop at Trader Joes and Costco. While at TJ's we talked to an older gentleman employee who informed us that the Harris Teeter that is being built next to the TJ's here in Asheville, night end up being a Publix instead; I miss their subs and chicken tenders. After our grocery shopping was completed we took a side trip to a Pottery Barn Outlet in Gaffeney, S.C.


I'm looking for drapes for my bedroom and thought this would be the place to find some at a discounted price.
Most of the items in the store were a mere 10% off the regular store price. The only real savings was on furniture. We consoled ourselves with Americanos and JoJos on the ride home.
Once home Oliver and I played in the backyard enjoying the beautiful weather and ate watermelon.


 And for your Renee, this car in Greenville. It could be a relative!



Elizabeth said...

Outlets are a funny thing aren't they?! They opened a "Premium" outlet mall near us, and I steered clear forever, because I have never had luck seeing anything I wanted, and there is always something slightly off about the items. It use to be that the outlet was for the end of season and items that they no longer carry, but those mall outlets are just plain weird, at least here anyway. Caitlin and I went not too long ago because I wanted to see the Dooney Bourke outlet. Well, everything was weird as usual and you can tell the items are made for the store. I laughed at the Gap one, because not one item exists in a real Gap. The only cute shop ended up being Kate Spade. Which shocked me because the items that were made for the outlet were pretty darn cute. I did end up getting a purse there, but as for the rest of the stores, no way I'm going back.

LindaSue said...

not a fan of outlets - I'm becoming more and more an internet shopper but then I have confessed my lack of style previously. TJ's is such an experience - I have done the buy too much stuff and wonder what I was thinking, the buy stuff I KNOW in my heart I'd never really eat and then I've finally learned - yes on these few things and don't even look at some sections (WHY do they have so much wonderful chocolate???)