Monday, June 10, 2013

The Most Talented Man on Earth.

Did you watch the Tony Awards? I did not, but I've been watching clips of them on youtube this morning. I've always liked Neil Patrick Harris and thought he was amazingly gifted, his preformance was spectacular.

And here are photos of my weekend, which was quite lovely.

This weeks flowers.


My niece Patricia, her husband Kevin and daughter Remedy stopped by for brunch on their way to Myrtle Beach.


Oliver had a great time with his cousin and showed his love for her by throwing sand up into the hair and on her head.


I found the next house I want to live in while Brewier and I walked around our neighborhood Saturday evening. This house is across the street and down the block from ours, and like most of the other homes here, it is huge in the back.


Another home has a giant fully lit Christmas tree in the backyard.


Our neighborhood, along with bears, is full of turkeys!


Oliver loves to help out around the house. Here he is pulling weeds with his Poppie.


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LindaSue said...

truly a neighborhood of beautiful and unique homes - lots of wild turkeys in my rural area - fun to see those toms trying to convince the hens - come on girls you know I'm hot looking! Hard to imagine a day to day life without Oliver's adventures and quirks isn't it?