Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Other Crafty Endeavors.

I had big plans to do more crafting and sewing today, but all hopes of that were dashed when I deeply sliced the tip of my thumb on the mandolin. I've spent the day like an invalid, my thumb wrapped in paper towels and elevated, watching tv.
I can show you the bracelet I made last month for Jane , in celebration of her 52 birthday. I'm really glad she posted photos of it, because I forgot to take any.

janes bracelet

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Monica Ritchie said...

OUCH! sliced mine a few months ago making a catapult out of a tissue box, i had quite stupidly been using a brand new paring knife to make holes in the box and that extra sharp knife sliced easily through the box and easily through my finger, and it took a long time to stop bleeding.