Monday, June 17, 2013

Oh So Crafty Day.

Megan and Oliver had a play date this morning and instead of mopping floors which is what I usually do when they are out, I crafted, working on 4th of July decorations.

Accordion flowers. More embellishment will be added.


Flag bunting for above my kitchen window. (There are 7 flags.)


And not holiday related, but something I've been wanting to make for awhile, a mink and cashmere pillow....because everyone needs one of those.


I'm all so in the process of giving this $4 bench a makeover. I bought some of the much talked about Annie Sloan chalk paint in "graphite." It's supposed to be odor free and low VOC, but yesterday I put a coat on the bench and ended up a bit wheezy. It doesn't adhere to the wood like I thought it would, and they don't sell the clear wax finish in a sample size, so now I have a chalky grey bench and am wondering what to do for a finish that won't kill me.


Brewier had to work yesterday but was able to have breakfast with us before leaving. I look at this photo and laugh. He looks like he is trying to protect his potatoes.


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LindaSue said...

wow Brewier looks fierce about those taters! Darn about the not so low VOC paint. Can someone else use regular paint/finish then set it someplace like a garage to outgas so it wouldn't hurt you?
You crafty woman - I am SO not crafty -