Thursday, June 27, 2013

Megan is 28 Today.

We started off her day picking blueberries at the farm where I buy my grass fed beef. The trip was part of a homeschooling meetup group Megan belongs to, and Oliver was really excited about the prospect of playing with other children. He's a very social kid and will ask to, "Get in the car and go see people." Even if its a quick trip to the grocery store, he's happy. After running around and playing with kids we thought he'd take a good long nap, instead he decided not to sleep a wink, so we headed downtown and met up with Megan's friend John, at LAB, where we once again indulged in freshly made pretzels. So very gluten-y good. Oliver just now went to bed, and I believe is asleep. Megan is out having dinner with friends and I'm thinking it might be time for me to watch another episode of Fringe.
Oh that reminds me...and this is really weird. I was sitting on the sofa watching Fringe last night, running my fingers through my hair when all of the sudden I felt something hard in it. At first I thought it was tape, because it was difficult to remove, but when I finally yanked it out and examined it, It was a spiraled metal shaving. I have no idea what so ever where it came from, and the fact I was watching Fringe when I found it, kin of creeped me out.

I was going to post photos of our day, but my usb cord is upstairs. I wish the, "Bump," app worked on my computer.


LindaSue said...

hmmm fresh blueberries sound fabulous - I planted some bushes this year but with our heat and challenges by deer invading backyard - I'm just trying to keep them alive and hope for better results next season! Oliver seems such a joy - glad Megan is doing the homeschooling - most of our friends homeschool and the children are SO well rounded and bright - able to advance at their own rate rather than be taught toward some stupid achievement tests.
OK you are bolder than I - I've lost my taste for "scarey" movies since I've been alone - the metal shaving in your hair is just a tad too creepy!

Elizabeth said...

Oh my! How funny that our girls were born one day apart! Happy Belated birthday to Megan! I skyped with Nicole today :) Her boyfriend had a surprise party for her. Hope they are having fun!

Vickie said...

sounds like a great birthday. Fringe/hair thing weird/creepy.