Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm Officially a North Carolinian

I finally went and took my drivers test this morning. I'd been putting it off, not because I was afraid I wouldn't pass the test, but because of the fragranced masses and toxic building. Megan went with me and waited in line for me while I stayed outside until it was time to take the test. You know all the horrible stories about the DMV, and the angry mean people who work there? This DMV was completely opposite of that. Such friendly, happy nice people working there...I could have cried; such a change from the Florida DMV. So yeah, I now have a NC drivers license and am registered to vote here. The rest of the day has been spent doing laundry and ironing. I spent awhile this morning messaging back and forth with Sammy, who is now 11. Eleven! I'm happy he still wants to chat with me.
Brewier is working late, and Megan is making soup which means I can sneak in another episode of Fringe. This show is addictive!
I took this picture behind our house; a petunia growing up through a crack in the street, how pretty.



Elizabeth said...

The picture is appropriate since it seems like YOU have bloomed where you have planted yourself!

LindaSue said...

you have bloomed since the move - I know you miss your wonderful friends but your health seems MUCH improved and can't beat living in the same house with your Dear Brewier! commuting is difficulty added on top of challenge of keeping a marriage alive in the first place.