Friday, June 07, 2013


As I continue to attempt to decorate our home, even though our lease is up in 8 months, I realize I do have a style. I'm not sure what it is, but I've liked the same look since I was a kid.  Eclectic, British Colonial, with a bit of French and cottage style thrown in. I keep thinking I need to up date my look to whats popular right now so my house doesn't look old lady-ish,  But what is considered stylish and modern right now, is a remix of 60's and 70's decor which was considered old fashioned when I was a young woman. I just can't do it. Right now this part of my home is making me happy.


This weekend I'm sure Brewier and I will be visiting the antique shops and used furniture stores in our continued search for a dining room table and chairs. I'd like a couple of chairs for around our marble table too. I ordered some zebra print fabric to recover the chair we are currently using in there, but was sent the wrong thing so now I have to wait to do that project. We have also bought a new, used sofa, the same time we bought the marble table, but I'm having second thoughts about it. It's not my style, or color choice, but I have plans to sew a linen slipcover for it. It is made by Hickory Chair and is a very well made piece of furniture; very comfortable with down wrapped cushions. I'm just not sure I can handle the style for our living room.



Who needs a sofa when you can lay on the floor and watch Curious George on the ipad?



Elizabeth said...

The minute I read that you wanted to change the fabric, I thought linen! :) I think It could look really neat in an oatmeal colored linen.

Cindi said...


Please do not change your style. I love the pictures you put up of your home. (both in Florida and in Ashville). Whatever you do always looks so welcoming, and the rooms are filled with warmth.

Excited to see the sofa when you have the slipcover done.

The flowers are beautiful.


LindaSue said...

you create such beauty even in details around you - what a gift! I furnish a home but don't have a lick of style!