Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Bought Another Sofa.

Brewier took me to Salvation Army today to look at a dining set, and jokingly pointed to the sofas and said, "Look at these beauties." So I did...and sat down on this floral number. The shape is exactly like our worn out 1988, Ethan Allen sofa, and as soon as I sat down I knew I wanted to buy it. I lifted a cushion and sure enough it's an Ethan Allen sofa. For $150. Because I can't buy new home furnishings, (too many chemicals and out gassing,) I've learned to look past tragic fabric, knowing that I can make slip covers.  Oliver loves it and all of its cushions too.

Brewier and I are thinking about getting this dining set. Not what I was really wanting, but affordable and it has possibilities.


Elizabeth said...

It is really too bad you don't live near me, because in Berkeley they have many shops that cater to eco and non chemical containing furniture shops. I have a friend that bought berber carpeting for her stairs in Berkeley and it contains no creepy chemicals. The dining table looks a bit like ours. You guys have the exact same side board that we do, and our table matches :) Hand me down from my husbands grandfather.

LindaSue said...

dining table looks like a good basic piece - and I also like the shape of the sofa you picked - were I able to make slip covers I'd be in tall cotton with that one!
Just bought a new leather recliner today for my own small living room - facing knee replacement in next year or so and wanted a smaller chair I could sleep in if I needed to! I hate to try on clothes in stores but had a ball putting my hiney in 8 or 9 different leather chairs before I found one "just right" - I cannot imagine all the details of living with chemical sensitivity bless your heart - you find such style in adversity! amazing woman you are