Monday, June 24, 2013

Fringe Binge

I keep meaning to write here every evening, but the allure of watching a couple of Fringe episodes is too strong. Yes, Megan has me hooked on another show, but I have to tell you, watching Fringe before bed gives one strange dreams.
Last week, with the help of Oliver, I recovered the seat of this chair, pulled from someones trash years ago. I forgot to take a before picture, but I know I posted one on my blog years ago, when I recovered it the first time. Now I want to have the chair painted off white with a coffee glaze.


Oliver was antsy and asking to go to the, "Biltmore Castle," to see the fish. We took him but were there less than an hour before he started melting down. He is sensitive like me, and I'm pretty sure the fresh cut grass and perfumed masses got to him.


The fish ponds are now full of plant life.


Meg was a good sport and high fived this statue for me.



We've been having beautiful weather, so Oliver and I dine alfresco nearly every meal. I've spent more time outside since moving here, than the past five years of living in FL. It's glorious.


I have the windows, (which have no screens,) and doors open in the morning, and last week a cardinal decided to fly in and visit the kitchen.


Since I'm playing catch up from last week, I'll blog about our weekend tonight.


Elizabeth said...

My husband and I were addicted to Fringe! Love that show, we were sad it had its final season.

You are so lucky to be able to see cardinals:) Every time I would visit my dad in the Chicago area I would always looking for them. Finally did get to see one when we were looking at Frank Lloyd Wright houses.
When I see the pictures of the Biltmore, I get tricked for a second, thinking you went to France :)

Vickie said...

The first place we lived we didn't have screens and birds would visit our kitchen too. I really liked when that would happen.
It's so pretty there. Eating outside would be really nice.
I'm glad God's blessed you with getting to live there.

Gabeandjen said...

If a cardinal flew into our house, I think our kids would burst with excitement. They absolutely love to watch all the birds at our feeder :)