Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Random Fact Wednesday.

Before I sent my computer off t be fixed, I updated my thrift blog; the first time in nearly two years. All because of a comment left on a post about how much the reader enjoyed my blog.
Despite having an ipad and an iphone, both of which I can blog from, I tend to mostly play bejeweled, candy crush and sudoku on them...or watch Netflix. I did use my phone to take some pictures while I was computerless, and discovered a tutorial for using your iphone for all your picture taking needs. Did you know you can buy lenses for your phone? I'm all about stream lining, and using only my phone for pics holds great appeal.

Here are the geraniums we bought for the front planters.



Yes, they are still in their pots. Its been so rainy I haven't been able to get them planted.

The view from my front door. Everything is so green and lush. I wish I'd thought to take a picture weekly. After 27 years of eternal summer, I'm amazed at the ever changing landscape.


All this rainy weather calls for many pots of coffee throughout the day. Oliver loves to help and can just about make a pot entirely on his own. All I do is fill the carafe with water, and measure out the coffee beans. He pours the water in, grinds the beans , puts the filter in, dumps the coffee in and turns the pot on. I figure in a month or so we'll have our own barista at our beck and call.



Vickie said...

That's awesome! Your own barista! And what a cute one!!

Elizabeth said...

You are lucky that you can drink coffee all day. It messes with my tummy after morning time. Tea is the drink past lunch for me :(
Are you secretly dreaming of the nespresso machine? Maybe this Sunday your dreams will come true ;)