Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Our New Old Table

I was really thankful the previous owners left the kitchen table here when we moved in, because I had nothing that would work in the area. After our first month here we all agreed we needed something smaller as the table was so big that it was hard to get around, and made the kitchen seem unbalanced. It got to the point where we were eating dinner on the sofa every night. Saturday while we were at consignment stores looking at furniture for Brewiers office, I spied a table that had just been unloaded from the truck. A vintage iron and marble beauty dream table. It's a perfect fit for our kitchen.



Elizabeth said...

OMG I'm drooling.....that is so pretty! There was one in Crate and Barrel that has a similar look to it, but not as beautiful as this one!! Lucky girl :)

Cindi said...

Tricia, What a beauty! You find the best treasures.

Love it.