Saturday, May 04, 2013

Its Spring.

Or so they say. It was 48, grey and ferociously windy today. The same is expected tomorrow, so the Big Love Fest Megan was supposed to be in has been postponed. I'm kind of glad because although she has sand bags to weight down her tent, I had visions of her prints flying through the air.
Brewier and I went to a local nursery today to get geraniums to put in our front planters.


While Brewier was paying for our flowers I wandered and found this broken pot landscape.


Its a miniature woodland and I fell in love with it.


Because of the weather, Oliver was inside and going a bit stir crazy,entertaining himself by standing in the empty dining room and shouting as loud as he could, just to hear the slight echo, and to see how long it would take for me to go crazy. Brewier intervened by playing golf with him in the hallway.


Something else he's had great fun with are these fabric squares I ordered off Etsy. He spent over an hour laying them out and the rearranging them.


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