Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Does Anyone Blog Anymore?"

My mom asked that question of me when I was visiting her this past weekend.
I've been thinking/reminiscing, about when I first started blogging over ten years ago. Back then blogs were personal, you really felt like you knew the person writing. Stories were told, meaningful pictures of that persons life were posted, lives were shared. It was an intimate thing. Nowadays so many blogs are started and written for the sole purpose of advertising and business promotion. There are a few blogs I started reading 8-10 years ago that are still around, but have become so popular that the content is now generic, and the bloggers are being more closed about their life. yeah, I miss the old days. I'm not so fond of change.

Here is whats going on with me today.

I need a new sewing machine or a serious overhaul on my existing one. I bought it 33 years ago when I was planing on going into fashion design. It is an all metal, heavy duty machine and even with the school discount, it was $200. I tried sewing on it yesterday and it was like someone poured honey inside of it, the thing could hardly move. It was serviced back in 2007 and hasn't run properly since. the machine smells like car motor oil was used to lubricate it.

Megan and I have been on a serious Cheeto in we've been making special trips to the store just to get them. I weigh two pounds more today than I did yesterday.

We found out Brewier has a defective gene that prevents his body from absorbing  vitamin B. This would explain why he has always been so tired. The solution; take a methylated B. It's like he's a new person.

We're convinced Oliver is a genius.

I still haven't any friends here.

Jessica and Ray will be married 11 years on the 18th. Unbelievable!

Jessica turns 30 on June 18. I was going to throw her a, "Thirty, Flirty and Thriving," party, but then I moved. I hope her friends do something special for her since I'm not there.


Dawn Schreiner said...

I love reading your 'personal' blog. I have 4 followers on mine so am beginning to wonder 'what's the point?". But maybe it's a good way to put thoughts and ideas on a page and then allow my brain to move on. I hope you make friends soon. In the meantime, you've got your virtual friends, who are really glad to be your friend.

Elizabeth said...

I started noticing the blogs changing last year or so, and I'm sad about the change they have taken as well. I guess I am more of a chatty person and love to tell a story, so I want write more than. Instagram has kind of taken over I think, and it goes to the fast and easy is better mentality. I do like instagram, but I also like the blog, so I try and not put the same photos up if I can help it.
I now keep the blog for my own memories and for my daughter to be able to see what we are doing.

Sorry to hear about the sewing machine. If it is all metal, then it should be a good one. I would look for another repairman and give it another chance. The ones that have more plastic are the ones that aren't worth fixing. Too bad you didn't live here, because I have a repairman that is like a sewing machine whisperer!! He would have that baby running like a top.

Tonia Bozeman said...

You're correct about blogs changing but it hasn't been the last year or so, it's been about 5 years at least. Now people start blogs for the sole purpose of making money and it's sad because if you do something because you love it, the money will come. And don't get my started on the blog cliques, that's a whole other blog post.

I've followed your blog for a while yet I've never comment. I'm kind of a silent follower if you will....I hate to hear about your sewing machine but I'm sure it will work out.

And @Dawn Rome wasn't built in a day you blog because you love it. if you're faithful with your blog it will grow. It's like a plant you water it, give it sunlight & it grows.

LindaSue said...

I miss blogging - a little bit - I stopped when my husband died because so much of what I wrote about was "us" - our animals, houses, plans etc. Now that it is just me - ain't so interesting. May come back to it - I read a limited number - yours is always on that list. I agree - Oliver is a genius, fabulous about finding out about the Vitamin B solution for Brewier (you know it works oddly through my brain - because I think of him as brewer - many vit b complexes are in brewer's yeast - therefore - Brewier = vitamin b Ta Dah!)
I have a nice new Singer machine - have literally never even plugged it in - bought on whim last year and like so many things - I put it in closet and ignore it's rude comments when I open that door "money waster, can't finish a project, why do you think you could sew" I'll shut the think up before too long -
yes I'm a tad crazy today - I think your cheetos obsession is smart - I am about to make a batch of something tasty - ???oatmeal cookies or nut and coconut brittle???

Cindi said...


I love reading your blog, Megan's and Jessica's when they have time to write. You are so entertaining and witty and down to earth. Your's are the only ones I read now.

But darn it why did you mention I'm craving them. :-)

Very interesting about the methylated B and great it has helped Brewier.

The only possible reason you wouldn't have friends is that people have not had the opportunity to meet you yet!

After how hard Jessica has worked on adminstrating the shcool she deserves a great party. I, too, hope someone fills in the gap for you and does something special for her.

And I certainly agree that Oliver is a genius and a darn cute one, to boot! (gets that from his mom, of course)

LindaSue: So sad to read about your husband but the part about the 'talking' sewing machine was so funny. Don't you just hate it when your purchases mock you! :-)

To those who still blog...keep blogging as it will be a history of your life and that is always so nice to have to look back on when older.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, :)
I miss the old days of blogging too. I often read your blog because it is free from the junk of commercialised blogs. I liked it when I was part of a blogging community (Diary-x) and I was interacting with people who cared about the everyday stuff..

I'm glad there are still blogs like yours and Jessica's (I found yours through hers).

Write on. :)

Anonymous said...

I've only been blogging for 5 years now, but I miss the old days too! Very few people on my blogroll update anymore, and I miss the community. Glad you're still here!

Ralph Mickey said...

Thank you for still blogging. I was wondering if it was a lost art myself.
I have been trying to have a blog but not doing something on a regular basis is the only thing I do regularly. Still trying to find my voice I suppose.

I do enjoy your blog. I will try to visit it often.