Friday, May 24, 2013

But Dahling,

What do you mean I don't live in a 1940's movie?  Even as a kid I had trouble with this, and in third grade had a teacher ask me to tone down my wardrobe, or in her words, "Please don't wear, -----to school anymore." Apparently my stylish ways were distracting to the other kids.  I've been going through my clothes some more and my wardrobe of wearable items is down to almost nothing as I part with impractical shoes and clothes. I have one pair of jeans, a skirt, and a pair of shorts, a few shirts and three little black dresses that have never been worn.  I bought three new dresses for the summer when we first moved here and now they are to big, and the two pairs of shoes I bought before leaving Florida will never get worn here. I need to change my style and start buying practical items for the life I actually lead .



Elizabeth said...

I remember getting in trouble for the very same thing as a kid. Once I had this really complicated hairdo that required many bobby pins. They kept popping out and I kept bugging the teacher to fix it exactly the way I had it!! I also would throw a fit if my sox were not matching my dress! I really hate shopping for clothing now though . I end up buying a lot on line.

Cindi said...

Wonder what that teacher would say about what gets worn to school in this day and age!

Your clothes are too big...lucky you...I have the reverse problem..sad me. :-( LOL