Thursday, April 11, 2013

Things I Wish I'd Known.

Two months in and I have no regrets about moving to Asheville, but I probably should have done my home work before choosing to reside here.

  • I didn't know how expensive it would be to live here. Lots of taxes; state and local, and a high cost of living.
  • It is a very touristy area with heavy traffic going through town.
  • All this traffic makes for extremely polluted and smelly air and I can't go outside when it's warm. :(
  • And the big reveal provided by the doctor I saw today, Western N.C. is second only to the rainforest in it's variety of plants and amount of pollen.

Oliver after going down his slide.


All this pollen is produced by the most beautiful plants. Our neighborhood is a wonderland!


As we walked today these trees rain petals down on us.


So pretty.


And Deb, thanks for commenting. I google lithodora, and that indeed is what the beautiful blue flowering plant from yesterdayis.


Anonymous said...

I love pink petal week! It's starting to happen in my neck of the woods, too.

Amy said...

So beautiful! We, of course, are heading into Autumn, so our trees are pretty in a different way.
I suppose there would be downsides to anywhere you moved. At least you have a fabulous and huge house to be stuck inside!