Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The Goods.

Saturday morning Brewier and I found a couple of garage sales near our house. When I saw this beautiful vintage birdcage, I my heart went pitter patter...but it was kind of pricy. An hour later we drove back to the sale, and I offered $10 less than the asking price and the woman accepted it. While I bought it because I love it, I googled the manufacturer name, "Hendryx," and found out they are collectable.


Sunday Megan Oliver and I went to an auction and waited nearly 3 hours for this piece to come up. They called it a pot rack, but it is an antique bottle drying rack. Bigger than I've been looking for, but I still love it. I may enjoy it for a while then put it in my Etsy shop.


I had Oliver stand next to it to show you how big it is.


Late this afternoon Oliver came running to me telling me there were colors on the floor. I thought spilled crayons, but it was actually a prism created by the sun shining through our water cooler.



Vickie said...

Love the bird cage. Really bright rainbow it does look like chalk.

Cindi said...

love the rainbow photo...that is amazing. The bird cage is beautiful...you have wonderful taste.

I noticed on your vistor's log that I'm a visitor from Edinburgh..how neat is that! Not Canada this time...not Florida..someplace really international. :-)