Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Biltmore; It's Almost Like I Live There.

And while there, I pretend that it isn't swarming with people, but instead that I am a guest back in it's heyday, kind of like my own personal Downton Abbey. I love having an annual pass.
Friday morning David, Renee, and Eva came to visit us for the day. After cookies and coffee we all went to the Biltmore to admire the flowers and walk around the grounds. Megan and I also re-enacted photos from her youth. I really need to find the originals.(Ok, I just searched both he upstairs and downstairs for my photo albums, but can't find them.) After seeing the pictures from ur day I've decided to get rid of these pants, as they make my chicken legs looks like an elephants.



Oliver and David in the greenhouse. Yes, it does look as if they are in Florida.


The detail and architecture of the greenhouse are gorgeous.


David, Megan and Renee. David used to cook with Megan ...when she was 4.


Eva and Oliver.


Renee and Eva showing me their, "insomniac owl," faces.


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Elizabeth said...

Loving the pictures of your excursions to the Biltmore. The greenhouse is gorgeous!