Thursday, April 04, 2013

So Glamourous.

Not really, but it sounds better than "Never Changed Out of My Pajamas." I woke up to freezing rain, and it has continued all day long, the temperature falling with it.
I tried to start my newest project, embroidered pillows, but the European linen I bought online is not a tight enough weave and my stitches looked terribly messy. Instead, I spent the day organizing my computer files and watching Dr. Who, on Hulu, until Megan told me she got the $275 internet bill, and we are charged by usage! That would have been good information to have when we contacted Skyrunner about their services. We are now looking for a new internet carrier. I also got our Directv bill. With all the extra charges, our $79 service is $145. I take back every negative thing I ever said about Brighthouse. I want their awesomely wonderful and affordable services here in Asheville.
On the bright side, despite eating cookies, cake, pie and doughnuts for the past 6 weeks, I've lost five pounds. I was mystified until I thought about how many times a day I ran up our 17 stairs, and how much time I spend running around with Oliver. Just think how thin I could get if I weren't an emotional eater, and baker!)

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