Sunday, April 07, 2013

Other Than Anticipating the Season Premier of Mad Men...

Which is just 3 hours way, (!!!,) This weekend was spent out and about enjoying some glorious weather. Saturday Brewier and I went to City Market, and while there wasn't any fresh produce, there was fresh everything else. Mushrooms, pasta, eggs, meat, and seedlings. There was also a vendor with some cool robot tattoos.





After the market we made another trip to Hickory Nut Gap meats, then stopped downtown to walk around.
I admired these chocolate shoes,

and watched guys playing chess.


On the way home we pasted the future home of Trader Joes.


Today Megan and I went to an auction. Oh if I only had a truck! Such treasures for so little money. I did buy one thing, but I'm too lazy to take pictures of it right now. Tomorrow I'll post about it as well as a garage sale find.
Look at this beautiful view from the auction location!


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LindaSue said...

OK I had a visceral reaction to the chocolate shoes - somehow it is just wrong - wrong to do that to women everywhere - I mean - really - a shoe we can't wear except on our butt, gut and thighs????
sounds like great shopping in Asheville and wonderful wanderin' places