Monday, April 29, 2013


I did this last month when we were in Ky for my brother Kens' birthday. I had been visiting a friend, and upon leaving and backing out of the drive way I somehow didn't notice that the driveway curved. Crunch went my car into the brick mail box, (which was unscathed.)


This weekend was rainy and grey...quite lovely, and we spent it lounging around the house relaxing. Which reminds me, tonight after his bath, as I was putting on his pajamas, Oliver said to me, "Wanna watch *George and relax.
He's a funny kid.

*Curious George


Elizabeth said...

Oh nooooo :( I did something like this a few years back with a rental car, but instead I misjudged our mail box and yanked the whole mirror off the drivers side! Those things are expensive!!!

LindaSue said...

ouch! I feel your pain on that one - I dented in side of our pick up a few years ago trying to be helpful for DH - moving truck up close to house for some errand - unfortunately moved it VERY close to side of barn - yikes.
Yes I think it is official Oliver is a quirky, smart, charming kid - I agree - George would be relaxing